Saturday, July 2, 2022


Excursion to National Botanic garden in Salaspils

The aim of the activity was to get acquainted with the diversity of plants growing not only in our country and climate zone, but also in other countries. To observe these plants, see their differences and common features and to know protected plants in Latvia.

So children together with teachers stepped in the big, white bus and went to Salaspils. They observed plants inside and outdoors and tried to find a plant that they liked the best. having returned form excursion they depicted their favourite plants in works of art.



Wen speaking about climate sometimes it is impossible to separate it from nature protection. This was the case of our activity.

Hedgehog group, seeing that their playground has holes at the place where swings used to stand, decided to improve their playground - fill up the holes, sow grass in it, see how it grows and makes their playground more pleasant to the eyes.

So everyoen set to work.


Speaking about climate we cannot neglect the four seasons we are enjoying in our country. So children clarified the characteristic features of each season.

 After that they tried to depict their favouurite season by drawing it.

When speaking about how we should dress ourselves in each season, each child could design his/her own piece of clothes.

Childen also created the tree of seasons and clarified in which season they are born.

Closing event of the project

in preschool groups of Jumprava primary school

For two years our preschool groups have been taking part in the Erasmus+ project "See - Our Nature".  Now it was the time to look back what we have accomplished and to thank everyone who had participated. Children were waiting impatiently for the party and our Sunflower group helped with creation of decorations for the hall. The kindergarten staff (teachers, teacher assistants and others), teachers from school, children and parents were invited to the event. 

During the closing event children informed guests in large scale what we have done during the project. While looking back what we have accomplished during the project, children told if they rememberd themselves doing one or another activity. We  also shared our experiance gained of Croatia mobility. Furthermore, we informed about the results - photobooks, games and other materials we have acquires as the result of the project. Groups received small gifts to be able to be active explorers in nature in future, too.

At the end all participants were invited to a small concert in open air to show children that art can be enjoyed alos being in nature. After that children and teachers had a celebration party with games and music and dancing. Thak you, dear partners, thank you, dear Erasmus+.


During the activity on seasons, children together with teacher clarify what natural phenomenon can be seen in each season. In summer it is rainbow. Teacher invites children to create a special rainbow - musical rainbow (rainbow xylophone). Teacher tells what will be needed and children help to find and prepare the items. The

teacher divides responsibilities - one child places glasses in a row, another pours water in the glasses so as each next glass contains more water than the previous one. A big picture of rainbow is presented to children. They name the seven colors, clarify the sequence of them in the rainbow. Seven children are asked to color the water in glasses according to the color sequence of a rainbow. All the previous being done, the teacher gives a spoon to one child and asks to chant each glass while the other children are listening and trying to notice the difference in sounds. Each child can have a go at the rainbow xylophone. After that all together talk over why each glass had a different sound.


Together with the teacher, children went around the kindergarten and discovered the diversity of plants that grow near our kindergarten. They tried to remember their names and clarify the characteristic features of them. Together it was concluded that our climate is favourable for these plants and that is why they grow here. 

For a while children had been measuring the food leftovers that arise from their meals in kindergarten. They put down the results on paper and compared with the ones of another day. 

It was decided to discover the diversity of edible plants that can be grown here in our country, their looks and taste. Seeding process begun. It was decided to use the big kindergarten windows - the energy of sunlight - to grow edible plants. Furthermore, together children concluded that if we grow something by ourselves, we need to buy less and the cars do not come so much often to bring vegetables to us; thus, the exhaust gasses come less in the environment.

Various seeds were given to children. Those who can already, read their names. They opened seed packets, compared seeds and sowed in balcony boxes in group, because the cold weather did not permit yet to place them outside in direct sunlight.

Children watered them, watched them grow and observed how one plant differs from another, examined their characteristic look. As a result, children got a tasty supplement to their own dinner.

Furthermore, they decided to adorn the prches of goups and make them greener.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

OUR CLIMATE - Somewhere over the rainbow

In our area, a multi-colored rainbow appears very often, the children love it very much and recreated it themselves to have it in their room, so that it would be colorful every day!